23 is a pioneering Danish company focused on making great tools for visual sharing on the web.

We are the proud makers of 23 Video, a cloud video CMS built just for companies and organizations.

23 Video

23 Video is a cloud video CMS, built just for companies and organizations. It offers full flexibility and control over every part of your online video communication.

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23 Photo Sharing

Our photo sharing community is used by people from more than 200 countries to share photos with family and friends.

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Billing: billing@23company.com
Bank transfers to Jyske Bank:
Account number 5033 1382643
International transfers through IBAN
DK8050330001382643, SWIFT JYBADKKK

Why are we called 23?

We will turn it around and ask a question. How many people do you need in a room in order for the probability to be more than 50% that two of them share the same birthday? Yeah, 23. A shockingly low number that shows that we're all much more alike than we like to think.